Have you ever wondered what really happens to the water that flows down our bathrooms or sinks? Yes, it goes to the sewage chamber and from there it is directed to the river or lake which flows through or exists in our city.

You got the ‘flows to the river or lake’ part right; however, there are a lot of things that happen before it actually does. To put it simply, the wastewater or the water that is contaminated is treated to make it pure enough to be released into the environment again. Imagine for a moment what would happen if we release the water as it is:

  1. Impact on Fisheries and Marine life
    Heavy pollutants and waste in the water have a very big impact on animals that live in water. It can be safely said that without clean water, these organisms will not be able to survive at all. This will have a big impact on the fishing industry and to the food chain in the future.
  2. Other habitats and wildlife
    The shores, beaches, and marshes of our rivers and seas are home to a lot of wildlife and other creatures whose survival depends on the quality of these habitats. Polluting and untreated wastewater will wreak havoc on these habitats and become inhabitable for the wildlife such as fish, aquatic animals, and even migratory birds.
  3. The danger to human health
    Wastewater contains a number of bacteria and disease-causing viruses. Humans constantly come in contact with these water bodies when they work, live or play in such regions. The chances of them getting impacted by the deadly diseases that these bacteria and virus bring with them are very high. For our own sake, we need to make sure the water is free of all these pollutant.If we just ignore these and continue to generate wastewater at the current rate and keep pushing it into the environment, we are going to have a big impact on the future. Not only does it pollute our beaches, oceans and rivers, other wildlife habitats but the deadly pollutants like lead, mercury, phosphorous and bleach, chlorine etc weave their way back into our lives to impact us negatively. They first affect the plants and animals that live in these polluted environments and as the food chain progresses it comes to the top where we humans usually reside.

    Not treating the pollutants and contaminants can be extremely dangerous and its overall impact can be seen in the years to come in the form of mutations and hormone disruptions in the organisms that live in these polluted areas. Long-term health impacts and deadly diseases like cancer are the likely outcomes. Future generations are at a larger risk as they would be facing the negative impact of not treating the wastewater properly.

    We need to choose the right partner to treat any type of wastewater to make it suitable and safe enough to be reused for other things such as irrigation or garden maintenance. To remove the contaminants and treat the pollutants and bring it down to permissible limits, get in touch with a professional organization such as Ace Dynamics and the experts will analyze your requirements and build the right solution for you. Fill up the form below and our Sewage treatment plant manufacturer expert will get in touch at the earliest.

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